Libraries; a love hate relationship.

Libraries are amazing. They are the perfect place to take a quiet moment and create your own small little world with just you and your book in it…

After all , what’s better than being surrounded by books? I’ll tell you what— the libraries actually having lots of different and unpopular but interesting books. For some unknown reason, this is what happens in my school library and it is so annoying as it’s my main source of books (I mean I go there five days a week, do they think I am willing to go to a library when I’ve got one in my own school?) Yep, I have given up on school libraries…I think.

Also, something that really gets on my nerves: they don’t have enough decency to get all the books in the series. How sad is that? I hate it, I read The Knife of Never Letting Go and guess what? They don’t have the rest. I had to go and actually look for the book in another library — it made me very upset.

But libraries aren’t all that bad, most of the time they always have the most popular books so I’m one happy gal! That’s all my love and hatred vented out (for today) so it’s a bye bye from me!


4 Replies to “Libraries; a love hate relationship.”

  1. I can SO relate to this – I love being able to get so many books for free, but my library has loads of books they really should buy in order to complete a series… especially since most of the time, the later books in the series have been out for a while. Like since 2009 or something. And yet they STILL don’t have those sequels. Gah. 😛

    1. Phew,thank god I’m not the only one thinking this! What’s your favourite series so far?

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