Random Bookish Rant: Expensive Bookmarks and…Death

I love books but every time I go book shopping I end up buying only a few books as they are really expensive. For just three books it’s roughly over twenty one pounds, that’s expensive to me. Plus, some of the things they sell, I saw a mockingjay pin and it alone was five pounds. If it was three pounds, then it would probably be okay (after all Mockingjay part has only came out a few days ago, can’t wait to watch it!).

Who knew that long strips of paper were so pricey? I mean, bookmarks are easily made but for some reason, the people who sell them think that the bookmarks should be sold expensively. I also saw this tiny book – it was worth ten pounds. I couldn’t believe it.

I have this site which I like to use as it is really cheap but when I saw it selling my favourite book on a high price, I felt so betrayed.

What is also annoying is when one of your favourite character dies and you just want to ask the author why they did that. I can get so emotional when that happens, like in (highlight text to view tiny spoiler The Knife Of Letting Go  when Manchee dies.

Which of your favourite character has died? What really gets on your nerves?


5 Replies to “Random Bookish Rant: Expensive Bookmarks and…Death”

  1. I see what you’re saying. The bookshops who sell them do need to make a profit, but sometimes it can be shocking when things are so expensive. After all, that’s why so many people shop online. i guess Amazon can buy in bulk and not pay to have a premises to sell the books (like a high street store) so they can sell cheaper. I know I’m supposed to support independent bookstores too, so I’ll buy a paperback once in a while. But when you love books and buy a lot of them, you start looking for a cheapest place to get them.

    I was at this book signing once, and four hardback books were £58.97. O_O In the moment I was too excited to care, but now I think back and I can’t believe it did that. Crazyy.

    I can’t actually remember the last time I felt torn that a character dies. =/ I’m sure they has been a time, just can’t remember. I enjoyed this post!

  2. Well what really gets on my nerves if when a character that I really like either gets pushed to the side or isn’t as explored into as the main character

  3. I almost never buy books, if only because they’re so expensive and I don’t like to spend money unless I have to. I’d really like to build up my collection and get some that I really like, but they’re not cheap, and I could probably only afford a couple. It’s frustrating.

    Bookmarks are less of a problem for me, since I usually make my own anyway.

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