The Controversy is Tongue-in-Cheek

Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re marginalised or that you’re a victim, you’re an equal to everybody else. Before I realised this very key fact I would view myself in terms of my marginalisation and even now sometimes it is a struggle to see people for their parts instead of their labels.

The entire concept of The Controversy, of making my words so big, blasting and broadcasting how “Muslim” I am is so, so incredibly tongue-in-cheek. I know I’m your equal, and I feel like the blog is the response the media wants from Muslims (that we are not terrorists, and we are hurt by your accusations) but DUDE.

Firstly, okay. Yes, it’s true. I am not a terrorist, and I am offended by your accusations. Yes, whenever something Islamophobic tends to happen there’s always a response of #TerrorismHasNoReligion and #NotinMyName. Yes, I back that response 100% because I feel like it has been so educative in the past and with recent events even more so, to the point of excess…

Trust me, I’m writing this in the middle of exam season frenzy, and although we are not terrorists and are hurt by your accusations…


There. I said it.

The Controversy is Tongue-in-Cheek!

Not everything is about how Islamophobic it is. I am not always a victim. In fact I am never a victim. I may have only experienced one single direct act of racism in my entire life. The rest is completely indirect, lurking in the background, and fully in all the goddamn headlines!

Yet I could care less. It saddens me whenever something discriminatory is exposed or when people base their assumptions of a huge chunk of people from news headlines, yes. But I am equally as ignorant on so many topics, and that saddens me quite a bit too. Regardless I get on with my life (which honestly just consists of waking up, eating, studying, more studying, eating and then sleeping), and none of this really affects me in as big a way as I may make it out to be.

You see, this dude did an incredible project on the Ukraine crisis because the media, for him, depicted this crisis like it would be the end of the world…or at least lead to full out total war. (Spoiler alert: as of this date the Ukraine crisis hasn’t led to full out total war).

And the media does shit like that, I should know, I’m Muslim.

People shove their two cents every which way when it comes to that aspect of my identity.

But I am also woman, poor, person of colour, intelligent, sometimes crude, and definitely have a bigger voice on the internet.

And any of those aspects, considered separately from the rest of myself, will seem warped beyond recognition. Every aspect of myself is scrutinised in relation to myself.

Before everything I am myself, and that is perhaps the most contraversial thing: that words, the media, even books upon books, can never describe me, depict me to you as completely as I am.

You will never be so knowledgeable.

I am here. And I am your equal.

Get a bloody grip.

Ta, folks *drops mic*


5 Replies to “The Controversy is Tongue-in-Cheek”

  1. ‘I am not always a victim. In fact I am never a victim.’ This.
    Not just in relation to race, colour, socioeconomic, religion or sex, but the feeling of being personally victimised by sweeping statements. It’s one of the aspects I loathe about the internet, it’s how opinionated it is and gives those with discriminatory points of view a platform to spread hate which is usually a sign of uneducated fear and their own insecurities. I think there’s a big difference between taking offense and being victimised and feeling vilified. I would never give anyone that power over me to feel as though I’m a victim either. Gosh I love you Mawa, your intellect is absolutely breathtaking! ❤ < 3 ❤ ❤

    1. YES! I’m so glad you got what I was trying to convey here. Before I published this I gave it to a friend who told me that the statement only tries to hide away Islamophobia or convince people that, for other people at least, it doesn’t exist or that Muslims aren’t being persecuted. It was hard to convince her that what I intended with this post was to do away with the attitude of self-pity, to stop scanning the media for jabs and to stop inhibiting yourself in that manner. Thank you so much Kelly for understanding what I’m trying to say here I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU ROCK! ❤ ❤

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