The Book Blogger, Returning Back to What I Know Best

I’ve always loved books, it’s been in all of my intros (except for my Twitter, but that’s soon changing). Beginning of 2016 and I didn’t know what to do with allthingswordy, I just knew I needed a drastic change.

With The Controversy I got that change. Friends describe it as a far more hipster (read: well-designed) blog, and others say that my writing has matured. I’m glad it has, and at the same time I’m a tiny bit apprehensive that I’ll end up boring y’all to smithereens.

It’s evident, then, that I’m still working on finding a voice that fits me, that is tailored to me…instead of becoming a hollow caricature, a would-be Mahima.

Right. But this is not what this is about. The point is while I was bang in the middle of exam frenzy I was grappling with the enormity of The Controversy, trying to unpick everything I wanted to achieve with this new project of mine.

And I’ve decided now. I’m still going to review books, I’m still keeping this in line with allthingswordy.

However there will be a few distinct changes.

The Controversy is there to add some weight to life. There’s so much I want to learn. There’s so much I want to put out here, online, about living as I do, reading as I do. I’m still learning, but a lot of it is still wedged quite solidly in my identity as a book blogger.

Damn, I love this community too much to leave completely.

It is with great relief that I can finally say I know exactly what I am doing with The Controversy. There will be book reviews focusing on the experiences of Others and/or how literature celebrates/condemns Otherness. However, more importantly, there’s going to be a lot more posts that focus on my experiences.

A long time ago someone told me that the voices of Muslim women from my demographic are not heard at all. I was shocked, I’d been hearing the voices of all the aunties, the Muslim journalists, the teachers, my friends and mentors…my entire life. In fact, these Muslim women had been screaming for change. I see it everywhere.

Not everyone sees it like I do, though. And that’s to be expected because of course I, as a Muslim woman, had been paying attention to the narratives of people who share that same identity. The issue here, then, is projecting these voices into the wider world.

Also I want to break my own glass ceiling – I want to talk to you. This is not about fostering an online Muslim community, or a community of people from the same socioeconomic background as me. This is about connecting to the rest of humanity – all you glorious people who cover great lands, and cultures, and beliefs – and amplify my voice so that it reaches you and resonates with you.

I want to learn about humanity, as ambitious and naive as that may sound. People captivate me, fill me with dread, leave me confused. I want to understand, and the first thing I have to do is put my cards on the table.

With The Controversy I hope to achieve that.



6 Replies to “The Book Blogger, Returning Back to What I Know Best”

  1. First off, I’m so glad your blog is growing and changing! I really enjoy reading your posts. I’m excited that your reviews will be more focused now. Also, I’ve always been interested in perspectives other than white ones, and I’m so glad you’re sharing yours! I’m so excited to see where your blog goes!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah, this means so much to me. It’s encouragement like this that makes me always want to continue with my ambitions for the blog! 😀

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