Why Chance Encounters are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

This summer, as many A-Level students will tell you, is crucial for getting those bonus points a la personal statement.

In order to bulk this personal statement up (it’s what universities will be looking at when it comes to deciding whether I can go to their university or not… daunting) I have decided to make the most of this summer.

One of the things that I did early on was attend the Royal Society of Science Summer Exhibition.

I met a woman there who was doing one of the stands. She’s very practical in that she views being a woman in physics as just another something with problems that you have to overcome. Perhaps being a woman in physics is hard, but people from all sorts of backgrounds have lots of complications because of a certain aspect of themselves and this does not stop them nor does it sanction special treatment, per se.

We talked and I got the privilege of hearing the very inspiring story of her being an Oxford graduate who was then employed by Oxford as a research scientist. She has done some groundbreaking physics work and yet she’s one of the most humble people I have had the pleasure to meet.

I remember her talking about how she was pregnant and still cycling to work until her boss stepped in and told her that he’s getting her a parking spot.

Physics isn’t my thing anymore, but I still love it and if I find a way to get into it I will. Perhaps not as a research scientist (the maths is compelling at times but the frustration is something I want to deal with in my own time)  but I have a mean idea for a tv show that needs just a little more time and effort and love to create.
There’s hope.
There’s representation.
There are people out there who make the world a lot, lot smaller but in a warm and cosy way.


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