Playlist (#1)

1. FAITH // I’ve Never Seen a Cyclone

The words are the most accurate depiction of my spiritual life currently.

2. FREE // Circles

We move onto a great summer track that makes me close my eyes and sway to the beat.

3. CHEEK // Zutter

Moving on, whenever I listen to this I feel like one of those kids who goof off and at the age of seventeen go around town in their little sister’s tricycles while licking bubblegum lollipops. Swwwaaaaggg.

4. BOLD // Dance with Me

THE VOICE. “All I wanna do is make you dance with me.” Yes, sir!

5. SULTRY // C O O L

Same beats, same style – but first ever song I hunted after. No idea what this was called, listened to it on the radio at 1am… you have no idea what torture I went through before I found the track. It’s been a few years and… sweet nostalgia.

6. PAIN // Kyoto

TRANSITION TIME! The high-pitched melody reflects hurt. I wish the song didn’t have words.

7. SORROW // Fear

Please sing this while you look through the car window and the rain is rolling down. Or there’s sideways rain on the return train back home after a great holiday. Or you’ve just found out some bad news and your life has just started to piece together and you need to (figuratively or literally idc) stick your head out of the window and let the wind cool you down. Sometimes I think this is too soft. He should be screaming/growling/punk-rocking the shit out of this track.

8. PERCUSSION // idfc

And this one? You have to give it a while but the percussion is outstanding.

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