The Aunty Chronicles

The AUNTY Chronicles

I love my aunties. They can be brilliantly obnoxious, superbly crude, and are hell bent on getting you hitched to somebody. In my culture aunties – or aunt figures – are the powerhouse of the cell. (People have been making this joke for ages, and I don’t really get how this is a joke, but I haven’t blogged in bloody ages so I’m taking it).

You see most of my content is now leaning towards the heavy and serious side and in order to not sound like a prat all of the time I have decided to give myself more time to be able to research and think about the Serious Stuff before I venture into it, and so I need something light(ish) to eliminate the irregularity of my posts. Plus I’ve always wanted to have a go at satire (bear with me though, it’s super difficult for me to pull off).

I have many aunties at hand. A lot of the stories I’ll be telling you here are true. And by aunties I mean the middle-aged housewives that I know and admire. A lot of them have part-time jobs, a lot of them have been through a helluva lot before they could finally lay claim to the title of AUNTY, and a lot of them are damn well inspiring. Sure, life’s given me different opportunities compared to them, but what they’ve made of their lives isn’t half so bad. Especially according to them. My aunties have egos (that are mostly to do with how many couples they’d managed to get hitched, and of course their kids’ flawless grades).

The AUNTY articles provide a tongue-in-cheek insight into the older women in my life (often highly satirised), and these are women who don’t often get into the limelight. I can’t help but marvel at the various ways this “magazine” of theirs* will hit it off. Currently I am looking for people who want to submit AUNTY articles (please hit me up on social media) and as per anything to do with middle-aged women and newspapers: Agony Aunt submissions. Send me all of your problems under any sort of anonymous rouse, and I assure you the aunties will rip it apart.

Look forward to some fun (and wedding e-vites) coming your way,

The Niece

*I am the only person, as of now, heading The Aunty Chronicles – none of my real-life aunties are actually involved in this except that they inspire it.




2 Replies to “The Aunty Chronicles”

    thankfully i live in quite a ‘modern asian’ background, so i have no aunties like that..i also don’t have that many aunties in the first place haha.

    1. Haha, modern aunties are the best. The most asian-aunty person that I know, ironically, is not even my aunty. My mother serves as the most formidable aunty in my family!

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