The Best of the Controversies 2016

A recap of my 2016

  • I decided to stop working sometime in early November in order to concentrate on studying A-Levels.
  • I have implemented the tips and tricks I learnt through failing (pretty much all of) last year in terms of my academic goals for the new (and last year) of A-Levels.
  • (I can’t help but make this recap all about A-Levels simply because that’s been what 95% of my brain space had been entertaining this past year).
  • I managed to finish my goal of reading 50 books this year (mainly because Wattpad is a godsend).
  • I wrote a book! It’s pretty raw and needs a lot of tending to, but it’s my very first book – picked out of my head and on the screen, too. I may have dreamt books right to the end, but never had I written one to the end (until this year!).
  • I moved from to There have been a few theme changes, and icon changes (including plastering my face all over the internet) but I’ve returned to my beloved elephant in the room, and have moved from the confusing The Controversy to The Controversies.
  • I have gained followers! Facebook mainly consists of real people I really know, but Twitter has given me 79 followers (gah, but also, I recall the goal being 100?). I haven’t been updating Instagram much, but I like the new story feature. I’m comfortable posting on both Twitter and Instagram now (through some practice this year) and I’m counting that as a success. In terms of IRL socialising, I’ve been going out with friends (sometimes!). I’ve realised that I’ve grown quite out of touch with my family (mainly because I spend so much time at school or at the library or at work) and have started to remedy that.
  • I’ve been drinking a lot of water! I have a solid morning routine, and want to implement that routine-like method to other areas of my life. I’m glad that setting systems into motion has worked.
  • I don’t work anymore, I gave that up in order to study. However I’m glad to have learnt that working is really fun, and that I have enjoyed the time that I did work (mostly).
  • I’ve watched lots of anime, tv shows and films this year. I think the best medium for pop culture consumption (apart from reading) that I discovered this year was the theatre.

Best posts of The Controversies, 2016

  1. I think my favourite is White Women. I stuck out on a limb here (I had never written something so controversial) but I’m happy with the reception it had gotten. A little confusion, too, but all that means is that I have to work even harder with my writing!
  2. I opened up about being a student who had been in the same classes as the three girls who had gone to join ISIS in February 2015, which was hard, but also necessary.
  3. I wrote a pretty neat film review of London Has Fallen.
  4. I explored my history and what it means to be a Bengali/British/Muslim/Woman human bean.
  5. I talked about Benjie, a fire mage character that I can’t wait to develop further.
  6. I think I’m good at shouty posts, but I like the personal ones I do too. I’ve been using The Controversies the way I’ve wanted to, and I think that’s especially embodied in this post where I open up even further about the “Something Big”.

There’s been events this year that have made me want to bury my head under a rock. I thank that I haven’t, and that I’ve still managed to write and live as well as I can. Happy New Year, people!


4 Replies to “The Best of the Controversies 2016”

  1. Your.words are never short of amazing, profound a d even confronting. Yours is my favourite blog to visit, because I’m never sure what’ll be instore for me when I click on and update myself on your world. I bloody love it. It sounds like working really gave you a boost that you probably needed to get through school, it’s hard to juggle both of them without your studies suffering though. There’s been so many of your posts throughout the year that have been my favourites but your post on White Feminism was absolutely brilliant. It’s probably my favourite online article I’ve ever seen published.

    I love you little firecracker 😀

    1. Ah, I love you too Kelly!!
      I promise to generate more and more fire-crackling articles this year just for you 😀

  2. Ahhhh I loved all the posts you wrote this year! I always like what you have to say. 🙂

    Also, same about having a solid morning routine. I’ve got my evening/nighttime routine down fairly well too, but it could be better – and anyway, I need to expand that to the rest of my day just like you want to. Afternoons are always kind of like ????? because I’m tired and either don’t know what I need to be doing or else know full well but just don’t feel like doing it. Oops! 😛

    1. Thank you Engie! I didn’t realise how effective having a routine was until I tried it out last year (it was possibly the only successful stint in the academic year for me) but I’ve been wary of getting too caught up in making and adhering to schedules (it got to the point where I had everything down to the very minute, and had even scheduled what I would do for my breaks, and all sorts of nit-pickety stuff). Ooh, kudos to you for having an evening routine – I tend to do okay for the afternoon but get to about six in the evening and abandon everything. (These days I’ve been trying the neat trick of telling myself that if I finish this ONE task I’ll be able to watch another episode).

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