Resolutions, Goals, Rules 2k17

The embarrassing title seems kitschy only because it really is. I found last year’s goals of the year post and it had this above cheesy title (which I made some deserved fun of) and because I like it when I make fun of things (and miss the glory days of allthingswordy) I’ve kept with the theme.

(And like last year, I don’t make much sense, it is way past my bedtime, and I’m listening to a playlist titled “no sleep” so don’t be getting any ideas oh brain of mine).

Finish the Qur’an by memorising 5 lines a day and revising at a set time every day (this, if done long enough, should become such an ingrained habit that your day won’t seem complete without it).


Smash my A-Level exams by keeping to the study timetable


Read 150 books a year by reading before I sleep, on my commute, and keeping track of the Wattpad books I’ve read as well (because I read a lot more of those than I do paperbacks).


Write a full-length novel  Publish three novels on Wattpad by writing for at least half an hour a day and sticking to the Write Year Map


Get allthingswordy to 500 followers Get The Controversies to 1000 followers by posting content regularly and visiting blogs


Bulk up followers by posting unique content everyday AND make new memories with loved ones every other weekend


Lose weight (ah, the cliche one) by going to the gym once a week, drinking lots of water, and regulating portion sizes (but, yes, like last year’s Mahima, I do recognise this is a very cliche goal so…) Believe in your abilities to succeed by looking at these goals from time to time and remembering why you want to achieve them so bad

As always, what resolutions/goals/rules are you sticking by this year?  I hope that whatever they are, you achieve them, and also that 2017 is full of more good surprises than bad ones.


2 Replies to “Resolutions, Goals, Rules 2k17”

  1. I’m terrible. I don’t I’ve ever had one personal resolution that I’ve actually completed yet. Blogging, I’ve Half assed a few but nowadays I tend to set myself tasks of things I need to do and just wing the rest.

    I will pay up front, right now, for anything you’re planning on writing. Anything. Even though I’m old enough to be your mum, your words have such a profound effect on me. I hope one day I can raise a daughter as intelligent, articulate, compassionate and beautiful as you are sweetheart. God only knows we need more humans like yourself in the world ❤

    1. I think winging the rest is the best approach to take in the end – even after assigning myself all these goals.

      And thank you so much Kelly. It’s difficult to write, but your words motivate me so much to pursue my writing. I will work hard to write and for sure you’ll be one of the first people I’ll share my writing with! ❤

      Thank you for the reminder that maybe I too can be a little awesome sometimes!

      I don’t know where I’d be without your words and your kind and emphatic comments Kelly, honestly. ❤ ❤

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