University Ambitions

I’m heading straight into exam season. My first exam is next Wednesday and from then it’s an onslaught of one exam after the other. It’s the reason there’s been a bit of a dry spell in my blogging activity – however I’m planning to pick that up now that I’ve got a surge of motivation.

Because it’s exam season my social life is suffering. I miss hanging out with my friends but the pressures of doing well (and making it to uni) are keeping me from hanging out so much. My friends and I did get together for a study session and although we spent around four hours not studying (I don’t regret it much, the fun was well-needed and helped me recover) and the one hour we did spend studying was spectacular too.

We made a list of reasons why we were studying for the grades we wanted. For one friend it was escape, for another it was to “find a man” (XD). It’s a good reminder. When all you’re doing is sitting on a desk and churning out paper after paper in hopes to miraculously get the grades you need it’s easy to despair at what the point of it all is. That list, made with my friends, after a huge amount of time having fun, helped ground me into the whys of going to uni, studying so much.

Plus, it’s cute.


2 Replies to “University Ambitions”

  1. What a brilliant way to keep motivated, writing post it notes even to your future self to remind yourself why. How are you finding studying with a group of friends versus studying alone? I think I’d probably be too much of a distraction when I was at school preparing for exams. I’m very easily distracted myself. It’s a great idea to have social study sessions though, it’s probably the only time you’ve got to be able to see your friends at the moment too. Good luck with your exams sweetheart, looking forward to hearing all about them ❤ ❤

    1. Studying with a group of friends requires a lot more planning and discipline than studying on my own. But it’s better in terms of exchanging ideas and learning how to think in other (sometimes easier) ways. Also yes during exam season study sessions were the only ways I could sort of revive my dead social life in those hectic times!

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