Ramadan 2017:

It’s the last post of Ramadan 2017!

Despite the anxiety rampant in this month I feel like Ramadan was worth her stay in my life.

My last exam was today, I downloaded Snapchat again and am looking forward to a summer of spending time with my loved ones and making lots and lots of goals come true.

Whatever happens in September these past couple of years taught me a lot about myself and about the world. I can only hope that I can take those lessons and really internalise them so that in the future I won’t feel so out of it when I’m feeling like I’m out of it.

Now I would do a list of things I’ve learnt during A-Levels, but that would be a super juicy post for when my brain is truly alive. I am tired and looking forward to recuperating this summer.

Here’s to the shortest post written in the (brief) history of The Controversies!




4 Replies to “Ramadan 2017:”

  1. You’ve made it darling girl! I hope you and the family were blessed during the holy month. I can imagine.it allowed you to revisit your faith again and the wonderful sense of family that sometimes we don’t have as much time as we would like for. Congratulations on your last exam sweetheart, such a well deserved and hard earned rest coming your wah and make sure you’re making the most of it! ♥♥♥

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