my perfect life

I’m going to work on my English degree.
Take every opportunity that comes my way.
I’m going to actively engage in my chosen genre.
I want to be taking care of my body regularly:
ironing my clothes wearing the best make up and perfume and the best accessories.
I want to make art with everything I do.
I want to take off all the unwanted hair.
I want to slim myself down.
I want to put on the creams and other products that will serve to enhance my beauty naturally.
I want to eat well and drink well. and do the same for my family.
live an active lifestyle where I’m always up and about doing something. not lying down or sitting down all the time. what shall I do?
go out and explore, of course.
go swimming with my sister.
walking in parks with my brother while he cycles around.
learn how to cycle.
how to sew.
find some great hiking trails.
garden with my parents.
do some morning pilates.
volunteer at charities.
go to all the book events.
gain lots of work experience in my field.
I want to spend money properly and sensibly and save up for myself and my family.
I want to be chums w my bank account in that I keep it growing and I think of it frequently.
have a steady source of income.
budget like a queen: savings, studies, grooming, gifts/treats, charity.
I want to be kind to my parents.
I want to wake up early for my mother.
speak softly for my father.
take responsibility over the house and how well it is looked after.
take responsibility over teaching my siblings quran for my parents.
make sure that they’re taking their medicines and eating the good food and doing the good things.
I will pray too. I will pray and repair my relationship with Allah.
read more about Islam and watch more and go to more Islamic events.
memorise the quran.
cook for my loved ones.
go on study dates with those who are studying.
spend lots of time w them exploring.
visit their places often.
and while all this is happening I want to blog as much as I can. meet new people and old people online and in real life and bring them closer to me. or at least close enough to hang out with and have deep and meaningful conversations with.
I want to learn how to drive.
I want to, through my active and good food lifestyle, treat my PCOS symptoms. take medicine for it. get it to a level where I am having regular periods and my hirsutism is not such a big problem for me.
unless I fall in love with a boy. then I’ll want to marry him. and he will be my soul mate. and we will have all the children. and before that we will have a sweet wedding and hen do and mehndhi. a sweeter honeymoon. one child every year until I go through menopause and can’t have children anymore. (and stay a book editor). love his family as well as I do mine.
I want to go travelling. on my own. with my girls. with my spouse. w my family.
I want regular massages. regular grooming I’ll pay for (mani, pedi, hair, unwanted).
I want to go to hajj.
I want to go umrah as many times as possible.
I want to volunteer for charities that serve in other parts of the world.
I want to invest in solving local problems directly too.
I want to be less angry. more at peace.
I want to love myself even more and more and more.


2 Replies to “my perfect life”

  1. Simply beautiful. I think the last two lines sums up where I feel I am at the moment too, to love myself and be at peace. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling my age lately, I’m feeling a little down. I think that’s the main difference, wanting to do more and not the need to. Change starts with wanting to make a difference and I’ve just reached that point as well. 2018 will be our year sweetheart ❤ ❤

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