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These posts explore what it’s like living as a Muslim in a society where this particular aspect of my identity is shredded apart and heavily misrepresented.



The key feature this blog concerns herself with is literature. I used to have a blog called “allthingswordy” where I posted content pretty much every other day on the topic of books. Lists on books, on my TBR, tags between all the members of the book blogging community, reviews, etc. I have established myself in the book blogosphere and I don’t intend to leave it.

film review


I’m not a film buff. However considering that films infiltrate pop culture a lot quicker than books do I sometimes find it within myself to broadcast films that explore controversial themes, or I offer scathing reviews of current Hollywood movies (because sometimes I pay to watch them and then I regret funding such a racist and sexist industry).

mental health


One of the things blogging pretty much asks itself to be is a platform tracking one’s mental health. We often use blogs in order to rant, but primarily blogs are used to spread thoughts and feelings. The issue about mental health is that it’s not referred to unless you’re suffering from a mental illness. If it is referred to it’s wishy-washy: in our “hustle” culture we don’t have time for taking care of ourselves – self-care is an indulgence. These posts are here to defy that.



Posts on this blog to do with music usually means offering playlists of songs (mixes) or I take a few songs and breakdown how I feel about them. These posts are brilliant in times where I don’t want to say much but want to feel a lot.

person of colour


I am Bengali. My lineage is ambiguous and confusing but in current society one thing is glaringly obvious: I am not white. These posts specifically explore how to make sense of being a person of colour in a for-whites-only world. These posts are here to signal and make spaces for people of colour. And to explore whatever the hell that means.

poor complex


We’re all broke. As students being broke is universal. However coming from a background of “brokeness” isn’t. The notion of having a “poor complex” is a bit weird, but I do think that I have one. It’s interesting to explore how this work can be exploited in the news and in literature for various different purposes.



I publish poems, excerpts from stories, etc on this. I also write posts reflecting on creative non-fiction.

guest post


Sometimes people want to write for me on the blog (after I’ve haggled them for a century to do precisely that). These posts are the “wild cards” on my blog, but for the most part I intend to publish posts here that explore and celebrate the ways in which they are different from the norm and what this means to them.

// disclaimer: this blog is affiliated with the book depository. that means that if you buy a book from the book depository via a link from this site (e.g. if you click on “how to read a novel by john sutherland” and buy that book in the tab that opens) I get 5% commission from that sell.


40 Replies to “ABOUT”

  1. Hey, are you interested in collab reviewing Doctor Who series 9 with me this fall? 🙂 Let me know if you are and I’ll email you in the next few days with more info! (I’m talking to some of last year’s reviewers in advance because I know they’re reliable and can write coherent reviews, so they get to choose episodes before anyone else…)

    1. Hey, would you… would you maybe be willing to switch from 7 and 8 to 3 and 4? If you’re set on them then it’s good, but if you’d be willing to switch, well… I have a Classic Whovian friend who is freaking out about the Zygons in those episodes and they love Osgood too so I’m like “I’ll see if Mawa is OK with switching?”

    1. I won’t be doing it but thanks SOOOOO much for nominating me! It was reaaallllyyyy sweet of u, especially with how new I am to your feed and all. Thanks!

    1. Thanks!! I’ll check it out soon. It sounds wonderful and very interesting. 🙂

    1. wow, thank you so much! Your comment brought a MASSIVE smile to my face. 😀

    1. right.ohandsothis is what formatting


      like, and I don’t even know what I didthere…whoa.


  2. You have a gorgeous way with words, and it’s so wonderful to meet someone who loves both science and words. Also: I am so jealous of the fact that you live in London. It’s my dream to live there someday – it’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. x

    1. Thank you very much! And yeah, loving science AND words is a bit…rare, right? That’s why I’ve made a resolution to read more science nonfic and see how they do it! 😀 Hey where do you live? London may be beautiful and a great hub but there’s a lot of stuff in London that you wouldn’t get anywhere else (in a bad way). I mean, Oxford Circus is more polluted than Beijing!

    1. Yep! I was wondering about starting it just the other day (but I heard it got cancelled) so glad that ur choosing it for this month – I have so many authors in mind!

    2. Awesome! Just remember to sign up on the original post if you’re still interested… no later than Nov 1st, please. 🙂

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