Drake, Butts and this Bullsh*t Generation

I'm here to take all the internet's happenings and condense 'em into a pile of words so you can trick your friends into thinking you actually know what's going on in the world even though nothing matters. *sigh*


Everything’s Amazing [Sort Of]

Name: Everything's Amazing [sort of] Author: Liz Pichon Series: Tom Gates #3 Released: March 2012 Publisher: Scholastic Format: Paperback Pages: 404 Source: Borrowed Loved this book - it's really eye-catching! It was also really motivating because it had a message in it: somethings might go wrong but you can always get back on track! Liz Pichons certainly inspired me, especially with the little …

the name on your wrist: crazy latin words

Name: The Name On Your Wrist Author: Helen Hiorns Series: n/a Released: July 2nd, 2014 Publisher: Corgi Childrens Format: Paperback Pages: 272 Source: Borrowed  I love this book, it's really good and it totally captivated me, but I didn't get satisfied with the ending (although most of the time I never am satisfied with endings!). It's what you would expect to be an …