a list of ambitions

"Truly, life is wasted on the living, Nobody Owens. For one of us is too foolish to live, and it is not I." | The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman


Ramadan 2017: Moon Boots for the Brain

"I am not sad, he would repeat to himself over and over, I am not sad. As if he might one day convince himself. Or fool himself. Or convince others--the only thing worse than being sad is for others to know that you are sad. I am not sad. I am not sad. Because his life had unlimited potential for happiness, insofar as it was an empty white room." | Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer

My body does that.

"Because fear wasn't about what made sense. Fear was about possibilities. Not things that happened. Things that might." | Fear by Michael Grant

This is what to say when you love people

"He did not consider if or how or why he loved them. They were just love: they were the first evidence he ever had of love, and they would be the last confirmation of love when everything else fell away.” | On Beauty by Zadie Smith