The blogs you’ll love…

Musings From Neville’s Navel | Engie is a fiercely passionate blogger who campaigns about books and LGBTQ+ issues. Her indignation at the world’s injustices is an inspiration.

Sorry Television | Kira Bindrim has the world’s best rating system: the more papercuts you get from the book, the better it is.

Bitches With Books | Claire and Nicole work diligently in order to diversify their reading. Their thoughtful discussions and carefully chosen book club reads will no doubt only add to your life.

Diva Booknerds | Kelly and Kynndra write cute reviews on their beautifully designed blog. Kelly’s kind comments can make anyone’s day, and Kynndra’s dedication to her fandom via her gorgeous tumblr is applaud-worthy.

Ashana Lian | Ashana is one of those people you can’t help but admire. She carries on despite the odds, and if her love for fantasy was anything to go by yes it does eventually end up working in her favour.

My Infernal Imagination | I don’t think there’s a single book review written by Bec that I haven’t read thoroughly. Her reviewing style is something to aspire towards.

Paper Fury | All hail the Queen Blogger, who fondly refers to us as her ‘minions’. Wonderfully talented and an over-achiever, Cait is the book blogger you will love being friends with.

Journal | Through every fall and stumble Esme writes about, she comes out victorious. Her strength in both herself and the world around her is heartwarming, and you can’t help but root for her. Her photography skill also know no bounds.

Brain Pickings | These are the most human book reviews I’ve found. Brain Pickings seems to make its life out of helping us better understand the human condition from the books we read.

Optional Poetry | The poetry here is the stuff you sip warm tea to.

The Virtual Mosque | One of the most relevant and necessary reference points you need as a Western Muslim. Wholly inclusive, wholly understanding, and a place filled with good intentions (followed by good actions).